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FRIDAY JULY 27TH 10:00AM – 4:00PM


Photography Studio

Moving on down the road..

Our next great client was introduced to us through a friend and advertiser that thought we’d be a perfect fit together! After much consideration the time has come to close Gail’s studio after 45 years in business! Her passion for photography has propelled her beyond shooting within the four walls of a studio. Gail’s great eye and knowledge of capturing award winning images now transcends past her studio as she concludes this awesome chapter of her life!

Welcome to the world of Gail Nogle.. “you can call it a gift, or a flaw.. or just perspective. Whatever you call it, whenever photographer Gail Nogle looks at her work, she never sees a beautiful picture. She sees something deeper. Gail wants to connect with her subject and not only see a likeness of them, but who they truly are. Gail connects so well with the people she photographs they often forget the camera is even there. Gail’s unique ability has captured many significant awards. And though she is not driven to win awards, she is driven to photograph what she sees. Most photographers are just driven to capture moments, but, Gail sees the bigger picture..”

..WFAA Channel 8’s Scott Giggy

What a treat we have for you! Gail’s friend and fellow photographer, Karen Almond, also having some pieces included here. Come and check out this great opportunity to purchase art and display pieces, costumes to props and even some photography studio necessities here with us this weekend!

Youtube video links below…


‘My passion is life and my camera feeds my passion. I love this life I’m living and the view from my camera makes the universe balance.’

~Gail Nogle


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Let’s get started..

Front Table Items: Some of the unique and fun things ended up this way. Antique photo albums, hat pins to silverplate accent pieces. Stop up here and see for yourselves..

..other great things throughout:

  • From Western to WhimsicalNatural landscape to Groups and gorgeous Black & White styles of photographic art.. Gail’s signed photos are here to choose from..
  • Several sittings at the famed ‘Old Red’ Courthouse in downtown Dallas, pieces from ‘Princess Diana’s funeral’ to ‘The Spirit of the West’ and her 2018 ‘Photo Gold’ prize winning art.. come and admire the years of work!
  • Dozens of vintage cameras and collectibles to add to a personal collection! Several awesome award winning photosaccessories and collectibles for you to choose from..
  • Some vintage photography equipment iavailable this week.. a Photogenic Studiomaster speed-lite S-200, a couple of Photogenic speed-lite 8080’s to name a few..
  • Basic photography studio essentials will be available.. props, costumes and accents. Several backdrops, period furniture to basic office equipment.. too much to mention!
  • A superb selection of frames in all sizes are available this weekend.. stop by to pick out a few for yourself!

~thanks for looking!


~Women’s, Men’s & Children’s Costumes: What a treat we have for you folks! We have period pieces from just about every era! Sun dresses and wedding dresses to slips and vintage lingerie. Antique silk dresses with beading, cloaks to capes, little black dresses, feather boas and Victorian gowns.. we have it!

HATS! HATS! HATS! We have an entire WALL of nothing but hats! Top hats, straw hats, Cowboy hats to beanies, ascots to Bretons and sun bonnets. From touring hats, cloche hats and lace wedding veils, hoods, masks to veils.. come and see for yourself! Keep in mind Halloween IS just around the corner!


**PLEASE be aware of neighboring homes, driveways, fire lanes and mailboxes, etc.. DO NOT block or impede these areas! The Police will be notified and you WILL be towed at your own expense! Please be respectful and park properly as to not break any local or city laws.. and, as always, we truly appreciate your cooperation in these matters!!** 


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