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FRIDAY JULY 20TH 10:00AM – 4:00PM




Photography Studio

‘Moving on down the road..’

Our next great client was introduced to us through a friend that thought we’d be a perfect fit together! After much consideration the time has come to close Gail’s studio after 45 years in business! Her passion for photography has propelled her beyond shooting within the four walls of a studio. Gail’s great eye and knowledge of capturing award winning images now transcends past her studio as she concludes this awesome chapter of her life!


Come check out this great opportunity to purchase art photography and display pieces, costumes to props and even some photography studio necessities here with us this weekend! We’ve added a few photos as a sneak peek.. more information and photos coming as we get in to discover more!


‘My passion is life and my camera feeds my passion. I love this life I’m living and the view from my camera makes the universe balance.’


~Gail Nogle




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