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8606 Wingate Dr.

Dallas, TX 75209


FRIDAY JUNE 14TH 10:00AM – 4:00PM



Good day folks! This is one of those great homes that doesn’t come along that often! If you remember we met our next great client after he decided to renovate his great cottage in N. Dallas a few months ago and now he’s SOLD the ‘English Modern’ house next door for his PART 2 Sale !! He’s chosen to sell some of his favorite things to make room for the BIGGER things.. come check out this great space, great decor and great bargains the third weekend of June!!

This week we’re back in one my old stomping grounds.. Bluffview!! Located just on the east side of Love Field Airport south of Northwest Highway on Midway Road we’ll be right off of Shorecrest Drive. Please make sure to map it just in case street signage is missing! LOL!

Stop by and check out this gorgeous ‘British Modern’ in a wonderful AND busy part of Dallas the Middle of June!! Come by and see us and say ‘hello’ to the gang! There’s something here for everyone and it ALL has to go!


!•! ATTENTION!! LIMITED ENTRY! There will be a limited amount of bodies allowed in the home at once due to the house size. We will have Lieutenant Laurie here to help monitor the entry to the property to assist us with this effort. Your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated!! !•!


!•! ATTENTION!! Absolutely NO LARGE BAGS/PURSES and NO children at this sale folks as per the homeowner’s request! Leave the little ones at home with a sitter. Your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated!! !•!


!•! ATTENTION!! There will be a Police presence at this property to assist us with crowd control and traffic. There MAY be limited entry to help maintain safety for everyone. Please be on your best behavior.. your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated!! !•!


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Let’s get started..

Front Table Items:

ALL the pretty things are in the front room with Lila! If it’s pretty, it’s up here! 

* Original contemporary art by Dallas artist Bryan McClellan.

..other great things throughout~

Living Room~

  • From the traditional ornate brass andirons to an Alfonso Morina coffee table we have some showstoppers this weekend! A superbly handsome carved gothic table with lions head accents to a pair of distressed leather chairs, African art pieces and even limited number folk artwork we have a variety to choose from.. tooled leather and finely tailored textiles in a delicious palate of colors.. it can all be yours!

Piano Room~

  • A diverse selection of books throughout.. cook books, paperbacks to hardbacks and a TON of great coffee table books. Pick your topic here with us this weekend!
  • Known for producing ‘Music for the Millions’ we have a handsome Kimball of Chicago baby grand piano from the 1930’s.. give this beauty a little TLC and a new home!
  • An executive’s office chair to a handful of electronics from Sony, Denon and Integra.. we do have some goodies for my techies, too!


  • Holy Mexican Artisan glassware! It’s not your traditional blue/clear look but a classy black rimmed version.. one-of-a-kind stoneware, gadgets to flatware and dinnerware! Silverplate throughout and some sterling, too. 
  • This little room packs a punch! Stop in here for your one-of-a-kind and unique finds. Owner designed dishes to leather placemats and service pieces.. I’m over stimulated just looking at everything I want for my own home!!


  • Now this is where I’ll be MOST of the sale! We literally have three rooms to stage everything so clothing and fine garb ended up in here! All my stylish men.. come shop in here with us THIS weekend! Please, take a moment to admire some of the one of a kind tailored, embellished Indian coats by Lloyd Birdwell.. stunning!
  • A delicious bolt of crewel fabric to table linens for just about any space needing some freshening up! Rich and beautiful colors everywhere you look!
  • Ralph Lauren and Restoration Hardware lighting! TONS of great accent lighting throughout.. more ‘blue & white’ decor for my die-hards navy lovers!


  • Well, EVERYTHING we couldn’t get into the house ended up out here! Shabby chic outdoor and yard/patio accessories to necessities.. gorgeous iron chiminea to commercial quality seating and one-of-a-kind decor accessories.. Tons of layering opportunities for your own space.. shop here with us and save BIG this weekend. It’s all here, with us!


  • Several beautiful rugs with us here this weekend.. from a Turkish Mahal to 19th century Kuba, a Persian Karaga and a rich Meshed rug stop by and check out! Even an artist’s interpretive rendition of Marilyn Monroe from ‘The Rug Company’.. fun and beautiful!

~ thanks!


~Men’s Clothing: An awesome men’s clothing assortment this week.. names like Lloyd Birdwell, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Beretta, Filson and BD Baggies.. (sizes L/XL).. Shoes by Hermès (size 1Oish).. hats by Resistol and several others made from beaver.. feather bow tie by Brackish.. come check them out!


**PLEASE be aware of neighboring homes, driveways, fire hydrants or fire lanes and mailboxes, etc.. DO NOT block or impede these areas! The Police will be notified and you WILL be towed at your own expense! Please be respectful and park properly as to not break any local or city laws.. and, as always, we truly appreciate your cooperation in these matters!! The driveway is for loading of oversized items and furniture. ** 


!•! ATTENTION!! Please bring SUFFICIENT help for handling/carrying LARGE, H-E-A-V-Y items and furniture pieces. It is NOT our responsibility to move your objects. Thank you! !•!


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Your DES Team,

Stephen & José 

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