Modern Oak Lawn Townhouse Estate Sale

4104 Wycliff Ave. #6

Dallas, TX 75219





Good day folks! This is one of those great FUN homes with relevant decor we have a blast setting up! Our next great client decided to liquidate their great home in downtown Dallas and SELL almost all of IT!! They’ve chosen to part with some of their favorite things to make room in the NEXT phase life has to offer.. come check out this great space, great decor and great bargains the first weekend of September!!

This week we’re back in one of our favorite diverse neighborhoods.. Oak Lawn!! We’ll be located just on the west side of Oak Lawn on Wycliffe Avenue!! Parking is going to be a bit tricky.. we’ll be posting instructions closer to the sale dates. Please, make sure to map the address just in case street signage is missing! You never know! LOL!

Stop by and check out this gorgeous updated Townhouse in a wonderful AND busy part of Dallas the BEGINNING of September J-U-S-T after Labor Day!! Come by and see us and say ‘hello’ to the gang! There’s something here for everyone and it ALL has to go!


!•! PARKING & ENTRY !•! The garage is located ON Wycliff and will be the Entrance & Exit for the sale. The driveway if for loading and unloading of items ONLY! Parking is a little bit trickier this week, folks! SOME parking is available on the NORTH side of Wycliff Avenue.. NOT the south side. Please, BE CAREFUL when having to cross. Use crosswalks and be mindful of traffic!! Additional parking is on the cross street(Douglas Ave).. be mindful of driveways, fire hydrants or fire lanes, No Parking Zones and mailboxes, etc.. DO NOT block or impede these areas! The Police will be notified and you WILL be towed at your own expense! Please be respectful and park properly as to not break any local or city laws.. and, as always, we truly appreciate your cooperation in these matters!! 


!•! ATTENTION!! This is a multiple level home with stairs, NO handrails AND NO elevator. Please, be prepared to go up/down several levels or flights of stairs. Separately, please bring SUFFICIENT help for handling/carrying LARGE, HEAVY items and furniture pieces. It is NOT our responsibility to move YOUR objects. Thank you! !•!


!•! ATTENTION!! There will be a Police presence at this property to assist us with crowd control and traffic. There MAY be limited entry to help maintain safety for everyone. Please be on your best behavior.. your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated! !•!


!•! ATTENTION!! Absolutely NO LARGE BAGS/PURSES and NO children at this sale folks as per the homeowner’s request! Leave the little ones at home with a sitter. Your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated!! !•!


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Let’s get started..

ALL the pretty things are in the front room with Lila! If it’s pretty, it’s up here! A NICE selection of Apple iPads, Samsung Nexus Tablets, various Sterling Jewelry, Tiffany & Co Sterling Rabbit, Tiffany & Co Sterling Heart Pendant, Tiffany & Co Sterling Earrings, Woman’s Bulova 10k RGP Bezel watch, KSK 10k Ring, Black Hills 10k Gold Ring, a 10k Pendant, 10k Antique Class Ring, 14k Shell Pendant, 14k Opal Necklace, an 18k Ring Mount to a Sheffield Watch Necklace, a Guess Watch, St. Christopher Pendant, Lion king hat/tie pin & Lion King Necklace, Guess Watch and an Arkansas Razorback gold toned Pewter Figurine and Pin..

..other great things throughout:

  • French Artist JC Novaro Blown Glass Art..
  • MacKenzie Childs (Flower Market, Morning Glory, Aalsmeer, Courtly Check, Sweet Pea, Lemon Curd, Monet, Orange Marmalade and Dandy Lion) dinnerware, furnitures and ceramics..
  • Harold Krause Artwork~ 
  • ‘Press one to speak to a real person’ (60”x36”) oil on canvas..
  • Pair Tea Cups Oil/Board (7”x7”)..
  • San Antonio born William Slaughter original Artwork (Bluebonnets)..
  • Patricia Pilie Artwork ‘Strawberries’ still-life from the ‘Table Settings’ series (51”x51”) watercolor.. 
  • American Artist Roark Gourley 3D Art~ ‘Balancing Act’ & ‘Junior Executive’..
  • Yugoslavian born Bogomir Bogdanovic Artwork ‘Summer on Walkill River, N.Y.’ (24”x30”) oil on canvas..
  • Innovative American Artist Fred Babb Artwork ‘Won’t Match Sofa’ (42”x42”)..
  • Panache Mirror (56”x56”) .. the Florentine..
  • Pair- Hand-colored Copper Plate Engravings by JJ Haid, Johann Elias Ridinger, B Seuter & Georg Dyonis Ehret.. ‘Calendula’ & ‘Scordium’.. 
  • Alexander Kaletski Artwork ‘Tiffany Girl’ original on cardboard..
  • Waterford Chandelier and Lamps.. 
  • Marco A. Oviedo (Chimayo, New Mexico) bronze Saint Francis Statue..
  • ‘Trout Fishing’ oil on canvas (50”x40”) by Texas artist Cindi Holt.. Artenergies, Inc..
  • Scott Hansen Artwork in Bronze ‘Glory Days StateII’ ..
  • Ryan Brenno signed Art Glass Hats.. 
  • Steinbeck German Nutcrackers..
  • Union Street (Twist) Glassware/Stemware..
  • Spode Stafford Flowers~ ‘Narcissus & Crowea’ Dinnerware..
  • Kosta Boda Faces (Open Minds) signed..

Great furniture names like Eames, Platner, Sylvan, Nelson and Herman Miller from Design within Reach..

A great assortmentof electronics to choose from: Vizio, Sony, Viewsonic televisions and more.. Raven Aluminum Photography Lighting, HP and Brother copiers to an Alesis Multimix-8, Shure wireless Mics, Klipsch speaker components, an Araknis electronics tower to cables and more! Stop by this weekend to see for yourselves!!

..thank you!


**PLEASE be aware of neighboring homes, driveways, fire hydrants or fire lanes, No Parking Zones and mailboxes, etc.. DO NOT block or impede these areas! The Police will be notified and you WILL be towed at your own expense! Please be respectful and park properly as to not break any local or city laws.. and, as always, we truly appreciate your cooperation in these matters!! The driveway is for loading of oversized items and furniture. ** 


!•! ATTENTION!! Please bring SUFFICIENT help for handling/carrying LARGE, H-E-A-V-Y items and furniture pieces. It is NOT our responsibility to move your objects. Thank you! !•!


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Your DES Team,

Stephen & José

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