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How Should You Prepare for Your Estate Sale?

Estate sales can be a nice source of cash, as well as giving a good home to items that you inherited but don’t wish to keep. No longer just about death.. downsizing, divorce or moving are also some of the many reasons for estate sales.

Although we provide all the supplies and staffing you might need, there are still some steps you can take to make your sale a success:

  • Take inventory or identify: We recommend taking an inventory or identifying (with color tape or post-it) all of the items for sale. Once we know what you’ll be putting in the estate sale, we can then determine the size of sale. We will also be able to categorize the items for better marketability. It’s important for us to see the inventory so that we can appraise higher value pieces for appropriate pricing.
  • Consider all the possibilities: We suggest sorting & cleaning out the closets, attic, and basement, because there are often valuable belongings that have been forgotten about.
  • Fix it up: Speaking of cleaning, every piece that is going into the estate liquidation should be inspected, dusted, and fixed if necessary. These steps can do a lot to increase the amount you get for your estate sale items.

We will price your items after categorizing and researching them for a reasonable price or what is considered fair market resale value. We will work to get you the highest price while still offering shoppers a good deal. Our Dallas estate sale experts work hard to create an enticing, profitable and easy to navigate estate sale.

Here are some other tips for preparing for a successful estate sale:

~ Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Every sale is unique and tailored to your specific requirements. Let’s meet and discuss!

~ Never discard ANYTHING! Unless it’s really trash, someone can use it! Prior to our arrival to begin staging please remove anything not for sale. We commit to your sale based on the contents represented to us during your initial consultation..

~ We provide EVERYTHING! Supplies, staffing and advertising are all covered in our commission. Don’t worry about a thing!

~ Although you are welcome to attend your sale, we strongly discourage it. It can be too emotional for family members to witness firsthand. Plan a fun activity for the day instead!

~ We will communicate with you daily during your sale. Upon conclusion you will immediately be given a closing statement along with a check, less our fees.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details concerning our estate services or to schedule your complimentary consultation!


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