“above and beyond”

Occasionally someone comes along that makes you redefine something you thought you knew. We thought we knew about the term, “above and beyond “. You guys redefined that term for us in the last two weeks!
We are so grateful for you to take us on at the last minute and made our sale such a huge success.
You also have the best staff on the planet! Each one worked so hard, yet kept the best attitude.
Thank you both!
-The Ryans



they live and breathe “service”

Have you ever wondered what happened to Service? You know, the experience of having someone come up to you at a store and say “May I help you?” While smiling? No? How about hiring someone to do a job for you and not only will the people you hire do an excellent job, but they will do it in the time allotted and gladly. No? Well, you’re in for a pleasant experience when you engage Jose and Stephen to handle your estate sale. They live and breathe “Service”. They enjoy giving you the best service they can. How do I know this? They took care of my estate sale before I closed on the sale of my home in Dallas, Texas. Not only did they stage my home – which I thought was something Hercules might have passed on, but Jose and Stephen turned it into a show place – and they got me top dollar for the items I wanted to sell. And, after the estate sale, they cleaned up the house. It was immaculate. I was thrilled. That is “Service” folks and that’s what you will enjoy when you hire them. And, they smile..