Staging an Estate Sale

Sometimes the only difference between a successful and unsuccessful estate sale is staging. Large retailers have known this secret for decades and use smart product staging in stores to sell more items and sell them faster.

Professional estate sale brokers like the team at Dallas Estate Sellers know how to ideally display every item and showcase larger, more expensive pieces in order to maximize profit in any given event. Estate staging, when correctly carried out, means more money in the pockets of owners and estate sale brokers.

What are some of the essential techniques for making an estate sale a monetary success? All the best suggestions pertain directly to efficient staging. Staging includes everything from how you group items to how you control the flow of traffic in the house, and everything in between.

Here is some information about how to get more out of any estate sale by using effective staging:

Clean, Arrange and Position Items Correctly

Clean items sell faster and bring higher prices. Arrangement and position also make a difference. We recommend doing the following to get the most out of placement and cleanliness:

  • Wash crystal and silverware, especially if it’s been in storage.
  • Group like items together so buyers who are seeking certain categories of goods won’t have to wander all over the estate.
  • Place items in their “natural” settings. That means kitchen goods should be in the kitchen, tables go where they belong, TVs are in living rooms or dens and tools are in the garage or workshop.

Have a Plan for Traffic Control

We strongly suggest placing the checkout area in a location that does not impede the flow of foot traffic. It’s also vitally important to walk through the property after staging and consider how a typical shopper will proceed while browsing. Not everyone will take the exact same path, but it helps to put yourself in a visitor’s shoes and see if there are any obvious congestion points in the flow.

Use Good Lighting

Proper lighting accomplishes several things when it comes to estate sale staging, all of them good. Even, indirect lighting can lift the mood of shoppers by making the rooms appear naturally occupied and comfortable. Additionally, proper use of light can highlight larger or pricier items. When visitors have the benefit of good lighting, they can see fabric colors, labels and price tags more clearly.

Know What to Include and What to Toss

We always suggest that estate owners do their best to decide what items belong and don’t belong in a sale. However, sometimes a professional can see things the untrained eye can’t. It’s best to have three categories for classifying items during the planning stage: sell, don’t sell, not sure. The owner and the estate sale brokers should have a discussion about the “not sure” items to determine whether any have profit potential.

There’s really no one-size-fits-all plan for arranging any estate sale. We show clients the best way to adapt estate sale staging methods to suit their particular event. A lot goes into estate sales, but so much depends on the size of the sale, the types of items and the general price level of objects on display.

Let Dallas Estate Sellers be your guide in staging your next estate sale! Contact us today to get started.


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