Distinguished Gentleman’s Estate Sale

4407 Ridge Road

Dallas, TX 75229






!•! THANK YOU Healthcare Workers! We, as a private business, WILL do everything we can to continue forward and help minimize the COVID spread during this pandemic. We are encouraging all attendees of our sales to MASK as a courtesy to the other patrons and our staff members that can see up to several hundreds of individuals during a sale day. Again, we are asking all invitees to follow this minimal effort to protect us ALL against the spread of COVID-19 during these difficult times. 

!•! COVID-19 !•! We WILL continue to follow CDC guidelines for best practices regarding the Corona Virus as to protect YOU, US and the neighborhood. For your shopping experience WE are ENCOURAGING you to wear a face covering. Social distancing is MANDATORY and we will have an off duty police officer to monitor sale occupancy, admittance and guide individuals through this experience. Separately, we do have/offer hand sanitizer and a washing station for your convenience. If you are ‘under the weather’ or ILL, please, DO NOT ATTEND. We’d love to see you when your better! If you are unable to follow sale guidelines/requests you will be asked to leave.

There will be monitored AND limited entry for this sale. Please be patient.. social distancing in line is required! If you are unable to follow guidelines/requests you will be ASKED to leave. If you do not agree with our simple requests or guidelines, you may leave. Shoppers will be let in appropriately when capacity and spacing permits. Lastly, we value each one of you! Your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated!


!•! ATTENTION !•! There will be a Police presence at this property to assist us with crowd control and traffic. There WILL be limited entry to help maintain safety for everyone. Please be on your best behavior.. your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated! !•!


!•!ATTENTION!•! This home is equipped with a monitored alarm system and surveillance equipment. Any and all(if present) higher end items, jewelry and precious metals are removed nightly.. thank you!


!•! ATTENTION!•! Absolutely NO BAGS/PURSES and NO children at this sale folks as per the homeowner’s request! We reserve the right for any bag to be checked prior to leaving. Separately, leave the little ones at home with a sitter. Your cooperation in these matters is always appreciated!! 


🧛🏼‍♂️👻🤖🐲Happy Halloween! 🐲🤖👻🧛🏼‍♂️

Good day folks! We have SEVERAL great sales to wrap up the year with and each one has some truly great finds to offer everyone! We’ll be located in greater North Dallas this week. Come check out this handsome home and gorgeous grounds with great bargains the 4th weekend of October just BEFORE Halloween! Please make sure to map the address just in case there is NO street signage! Dallas street ordinances along with code enforcement officers and angry neighbors can be sometimes tricky! We always try to make it as easy on you all as possible! LOL! Come by to see us and say ‘hello’ to the gang! There’s something here for everyone and it ALL has to go!!


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Let’s get started..

All the pretty things are up front with Lila, Carol and Rachel! Callouts to come shortly..

..more throughout:

  • Bavarian Hunting Cabinet with Boar detail circa 19th Century..
  • English Oak Eagle Lectern circa 1880’s.. 
  • 1920’s French Antique Elephant Base Side Table..
  • Large Asian Dragon with God Roof Tile..
  • Minton Corley Custom Stone Top Table with Iron Base..
  • Ubu Tribal Cermonial Mask..
  • Russian Riza..
  • Antique Engraved Botanicals circa late 1900’s..
  • Antique Blue/White Spode pieces..
  • Oversized 19th Century Antique Chinese Portrait..
  • Ceremonial Kachina Dolls..
  • Hand Knotted Indian 100% Wool Pile Area Rug (12’x14’)..
  • Pre Civil War Chest of Drawers..

..more callouts to come!

Garden Items along with Decor..

  • English made Bullfrog with Lead Spout..
  • Carved Marble Stone Lions (Pair)..
  • Italian Glazed Garden Luminaires with Green Patina circa 1850’s (Pair).. 
  • Lead English Urns circa 1850’s (Pair)..
  • Vintage/Mid Century Brown Saltman Patio Furniture..

..additional yard items to be named shortly!


Artist & Artwork Callouts:

Rare Daric Harvie Ceramic Pottery; George Tobolosky Metal Sculpture ‘Female in Recline’; Barbara Insalco ‘Shadows of Deep’ NYC 2001; Peter Bowles ‘La Kotas Hunting Buffalo; Lu Heater and TM Chino Acoma Indian Pottery pieces and many more statement pieces..


!•! ATTENTION!! Please bring SUFFICIENT help for handling/carrying LARGE, H-E-A-V-Y items and furniture pieces. It is NOT our responsibility to move your objects. Thank you! !•!


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{•}-{•}-{•} If you need any realtor information just ask! We’ve worked with a handful of some truely awesome and dedicated individuals we’d LOVE to recommend! {•}-{•}-{•}

Your DES Team,

Stephen & José

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